Bob Ballantyne biography

Bob has a B.A.Sc. (Bachelor of Applied Science) degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto. During his 40-year career with Canadian Pacific Limited, Bob worked in the engineering, signal, operating and marketing departments of Canadian Pacific Railway.

In 1976, he moved to Canadian Pacific Consulting Services as Vice-President, where he had responsibility for marketing and supervision of railway and other transportation projects in various parts of the world.

In 1988, Bob was assigned by Canadian Pacific to The Railway Association of Canada as President, where he served until his retirement from the CPR in 2000.

Bob is Vice-President of, and a partner in, HPB Association Management Services Inc. In 2003, the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association (CITA) contracted with HPB to manage CITA and appointed Bob as President of the Association.

Bob is also chairman of the Coalition of Rail Shippers, a group of eighteen industry associations whose member companies are large users of rail transportation. In late May, 2011, Bob was elected as the first chairman of the newly incorporated Global Shippers’ Forum.

Bob is located in Ottawa.