Who we are

Global Shippers Forum (GSF) is the global business organisation speaking up for exporters and importers as the owners of goods and cargo in international trade.

Global shippers’ contract with shipping lines, airlines, road hauliers and rail freight operators to have their goods across continents and around the world.

GSF’s members are national and regional shippers’ associations who in turn represent manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing businesses in over 25 countries across five continents.

GSF works for safe, competitively efficient and environmentally sustainable global trade and logistics by advancing the interests of shippers. Priority topics currently include:

  • costs of shipping and container shortages in global shipping markets
  • surcharges and quality of service provision by shipping lines
  • attainment of greenhouse gas emission reductions targets in all transport modes
  • safe packing of containers and avoidance of contamination by invasive pest species
  • trade facilitation and improvements to Customs and border procedures
  • digitalisation of maritime and air cargo shipments, use of blockchain technologies
  • cyber security assurance and protection of data
  • security of cargo in transit – anti compliance with anti-theft and anti-terrorism controls
  • professional development of shippers and recruitment of the next generation
  • supply chain resilience and crisis management, especially of global health emergencies

The GSF Secretariat is based in the UK but is connected globally and focussed on delivering high quality, tangible outcomes and outputs that are informed by evidence and the objectives of member organisations. We aim to inform, inspire and stand behind shippers in the conduct of global trade by:

  • briefing, influencing and interpreting the decisions of international regulatory bodies on key policy issues, including IMO, ICAO, WCO, FAO, IPPC, WTO.
  • networking with the international business community in pursuit of safer, fairer and more sustainable trade and logistics, including: World Bank, OECD, UNCTAD, WSC, IATA, FIATA, ICHCA, ICC, insurers, legal profession and others.
  • briefing journalists and media organisations on the vital role shippers play in international trade, including: Financial Times, Journal of Commerce, Bloomberg.
  • producing original, informed, high-quality, briefing material and advice for shippers in the performance of their role, including Newsletters, Briefing Notes, White Papers, Compliance Guides.

We develop other services with trusted partners to provide unique or exclusive support to shippers, including webinars, training, audits, research programmes and consultancy services.

GSF is a trade organisation, owned and governed by its members, through a Board of non-Executive Directors. It is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in England, number 7667177.

GSF membership is open to all businesses acting as a shipper or cargo owner in international trade.

 Contact us at: secretariat@globalshippersforum.com