Chairman's Message

7/11/2011 12:21:00 PM

Welcome to the website of the newly incorporated Global Shippers’ Forum.

Dialogue between shippers’ associations from various parts of the world, commenced in 1994 through the Tripartite Shippers’ Group. This has now evolved into the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF). As the global economy grows and becomes more integrated, the need for a coordinated voice for shippers has also grown. Actions by UN agencies and other international bodies are impacting shippers and importers throughout the world.

The marine and air carriers have long been organized on a global basis to ensure that their views are heard by national and international policy makers and to communicate established policies, laws and regulations back to their respective memberships. Shippers’ views are also crucial to the international dialogue that must take place if effective policies are to be established that balance the economic, commercial, and environmental concerns of society.

The GSF looks forward to being an effective voice for shippers throughout the world. I invite you to browse the website and we look forward to feedback from shippers and other global supply chain stakeholders.

Robert H. Ballantyne, P.Eng.